Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Are these homeless spikes an actual real thing?
Like, spikes are literally being installed in doorways and on park/bus benches and on windowsills, and they only retract if you pay money, and even then for a certain period of time before they pop back up again?
Because I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the idea.

I mean, I suppose to some people it's a good idea...until they realize it's taxes that are paying for it. Their money is now going to spikes they have to pay more money not to get stabbed by if you ever choose to sit on a public bench.

This is not the way to fix a homelessness problem, okay? If you're going to spend money doing something about homeless people sleeping in public places and making you uncomfortable, use it towards making shelters a safer and more desirable place to be (because obviously something is wrong if some people would rather sleep on the streets, or worse, if some people are being turned away from a shelter).

Look... I've said it once before to my grandmother and I'll say it again on here - criminalizing homelessness and terrorizing people in unfortunate circumstances by stripping them of the last shred of their comfort and dignity is NOT the way to end the homelessness problem.

Utah has the right idea. In 2005, it was figured up that the annual cost of ER visits and jail stays for homeless people far exceeded the cost of giving a no-strings-attached apartment and social worker to homeless people.
Sounds pretty extreme, right? Not nearly as extreme as installing SPIKES in PUBLIC PLACES to PREVENT HOMELESS PEOPLE FROM HAVING A LESS UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE TO SLEEP.
(Utah is looking at completely abolishing homelessness by 2015.)

Does anyone realize how hard it is for a homeless person to get a job? An address is necessary for most job applications. So are, y'know, showers. Clean clothes. Deodorant. A proper night's rest, preferably in a warm, dry place where you're not being stabbed in the back or face or side by large, sharp spikes all night long.

Look... I'll be honest here. I would rather my tax money go towards giving free apartments out to people who are currently living on the streets than I would my money go to installing spikes I have to pay more money not to be stabbed by. Heck, I would willingly pay an extra percentage in taxes to do this, too.

But then again, I'm a high-and-mighty liberal who doesn't know what she's talking about, if what my uncle says is true. So maybe I'm just being stupid.

Monday, May 26, 2014

"I wear pants rather than skirts because it's 10 more seconds to fight back. I wear sweaters and jackets because it's my armor. I stay at home because I have the advantage of knowing my environment and knowing whose footsteps are whose, and having a chance to scream and fight back. I go over how to fight back when I stand at the bus stop alone, or whenever someone passes me or a car parks nearby - go for the eyes, kick the groin, and scream as loud as you can."

- A Woman's Reality (J)

This is the reality women face. We are scared of being killed by men, because that is what some men do. We are scared of men not taking "no" for an answer. And now we must be afraid, we must be prepared, for a man to be so mad that we said no that he will shoot us.
If you agree that this man had a right to be angry and indignant, because how dare she say no when he's just being a 'nice guy', you are disgusting and need to get away from me.

Feminism and Men's Rights.

MRA complain that men are put up to ridiculous standards of masculinity and they wear it like armor, but what they fail to recognize is the moment society stops thinking of femininity as weakness, masculinity will no longer equal strength and those complains will no longer be valid. You are just ashamed to be less than masculine because you ashamed to be too feminine because you are afraid of being called weak. Because as far as you're concerned, women are weak and lesser. And being anything like a woman just won't do.

The simple fact is that feminism is literally for everyone.
Feminism is even for men.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

But, I mean, I'll make jokes over and over about how childish they're being, but you have to understand the real gravity of the situation.

America is literally being held hostage right now. The government has been forced into shutdown.
The Republican party has literally committed an act of terrorism because they do not want people to have more affordable healthcare.

Government workers do not have income right now. WIC has been put on hold. People will starve, people will be evicted from homes they cannot pay for, pregnant women and poor mothers will suffer (and so will those children, alive and unborn). No one can enter or leave the country. We are literally on lockdown.

I will make jokes about how they're raging and whining about not getting another cookie, but the situation they have put us in because they don't want poor people to be able to have the basic human right of healthcare that doesn't cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney or two if you get sick.

This is why I want to move to Canada. But I can't, BECAUSE THE COUNTRY IS ON LOCKDOWN.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Basically the greatest description of the government shutdown I've heard so far is basically your friend unplugs the Xbox because you're winning.

Except that's not entirely accurate.

I have to say it's more like you and your friend are raiding a dungeon, and your friend is taking all the good loot and leaving you with the rotten flesh, and taking all the experience points and leaving you with the bones, ending up with the best armor and weapon you can get in the game, and then raging hardcore when you finally pick up some leather armor and a wooden sword because "it's not faiiiiir, that was my loot!!!" and then unplugging the Xbox and resetting the game to right before the dungeon because you couldn't save in the middle.

Basically most of America is comparing the Republican party to children and telling them to "grow up and stop screaming about taking your bath, once you're in there you'll never want to get out because the bubbles are so fun so stop making it difficult and do what you need to do to get clean already".

*Sigh* NOW can I move to Canada?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trigger Warning: Rape

"You shouldn't have dressed so slutty," he says. This translates into "I think that men rape women because they cannot control themselves around a woman who doesn't wear skirts down to her ankles and baggy turtleneck sweaters and veils over their hair. I think this because if I see a woman wearing a pair of shorts or a skirt above the knees, or a shirt that shows just a little too much neck, I will not be able to resist her and must either be physically restrained or I will probably rape her. Because, after all, that's just how men are."

"You shouldn't have disrespected him," he says. This translates into "If a woman dares try to be equal to me, or if she dares demand respect, if she dares to push my hands away when I want to touch her, dares to tell me no, or tell me to back off, if she so much as tries to take away my right to invade her personal space or to dominate over her in an everyday situation, if she dares imply that she is equal to me, a MAN, I will get angry and I will SHOW her who is in charge by raping her."

"Rape is still sex, isn't it? Women just don't like it because they've been told it's bad and it's scary," he says. This translates into, "I hear them when they say 'no'. But I don't listen, because I know that deep down, they really enjoy it. They can scream and cry all they want, I know they really mean they like it and it will just encourage me to do it more."

"Maybe if you hadn't led him on like that," he says. This translates into "You made the mistake of being friendly. When a woman is friendly to me, I naturally assume they want to date me or have sex with me. Even if they say no, they were friendly, so obviously they want it."

"Well, you compromised yourself by being drunk," he says. This translates into "If I see a woman who is drunk or lacking full consciousness by any means, I am going to rape her because she is compromised and can't do anything about it. It's easy access, and she brought it on herself. I will never help a woman get to a safe place to recover like I would for a man friend, because she's just a mess and deserves to be raped for doing this to herself. He's just being a dude."

"Well, you were dating, so it's not rape, you're just being pissy," he says. This translates into "I don't care if my girlfriend says no because she's 'not in the mood'. She's my girlfriend, and that means I have free reign to her body whenever I feel like it. She can't say no, because she chose to be with me, and being with me means having sex with me whenever I want it."

"But aren't you a prostitute? Isn't that your job?" he says. This translates into "I would fight a professional boxer out on the streets if I get angry, because fighting people is his job and he gets paid to do it. So obviously, if I see a prostitute, I'm going to rape her, because having sex with people is her job and one freebie isn't going to hurt anyone. Besides, it's not like she can call the cops on me. She's a prostitute. She'd be blamed for the rape anyway and arrested for selling sex."

If you are blaming a woman for putting herself into a position in which she might possibly be raped, I'm just going to assume that you believe that a man's natural state is rapist. And if you are a man, that is a terrifying thought.